“eiscaa” (European integrated services for certification, accreditation and awarding) is a recognized, independent, and non-governmental accreditation body that is responsible for providing accreditation of Certification bodies (CB) in the fields of certification and inspection. Accreditation is a quality infrastructure tool which supports the credibility and value of the work and thus of the corresponding attestations issued by them (test and inspection reports, calibration certificates, certifications of management systems, products and personnel and other attestations). A product or service accompanied by a conformity attestation delivered by an accredited conformity assessment body inspires trust as to the compliance with applicable specified requirements. Thereby “eiscaa” accreditation favors the elimination of technical barriers to trade.

“eiscaa” Accreditation is a third party recognition of competence to perform specific tasks that provides a means to identify a proven, competent evaluator. Accreditation makes the selection of a laboratory, inspection or certification body an informed choice. “eiscaa” Accreditation means the evaluator can demonstrate to its customer that it has been successful at reaching the requirements of specific international standards. Usually the reason for getting something independently evaluated is to confirm it meets specific requirements in order to reduce risks. Obvious examples are product failure, health risks, company reputation or to meet legal or customer requirements. Anything or anyone can be evaluated - products, equipment, people, management systems or organizations.

Accreditation Areas:

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