EISCCA Mandatory Document for the Application of ISO 14065:2013

ISO 14065:2013 is an International Standard, which sets out requirements for

bodies that undertake Greenhouse Gas (GHG) validation or verification using ISO14064-3 or other relevant standards or specifications. ISO 14065 provides to GHG program administrators, regulators and accreditors, a basis for assessing and recognising the competence of validation or verification bodies (V/VBs).

Statements issued by accredited V/VBs are relied upon in a number of areas, critically in “emission trading schemes”, both in regulated and voluntary markets. The value attributed to a tonne of CO2 for the purpose of commodity trading, or other future actions by interested parties, is reliant upon the confidence in the verified emissions data and consequently upon the V/VB that undertakes the work and issues the statement.

ISO 14065 is not, as yet, included within the eiscca Framework documents, however if V/VBs are to be accredited worldwide in a harmonized manner as complying with ISO 14065, additional application guidance is necessary to limit variations in interpreting the Standard. This Mandatory Document provides additional application guidance to enable harmonization by eiscca members for the assessment of V/VBs against ISO 14065 and related standards. This is an important step towards multilateral recognition of accreditation.

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