ISO Action Plan for developing countries 2011-2015


The capacity and participation of developing countries in international standardization is significantly enhanced.Developing country members play a major role in directing the whole process of ISO technical assistance.

The tools used to implement the current Action Plan 2005-2010 will continue to be used and refined, as necessary,to help developing country members identify their needs and measure the effectivenessof actions undertaken.


Developing country members have a responsibility to monitor the implementation of the Action Plan through the annual meeting of the ISO Committee on developing country matters (DEVCO).

They also have a duty to ensure that the technical assistance they receive benefits all stakeholders at the national level and they are expected to assist ISO in measuring the impacts of such assistance.


While ISO, with support fromdonors, can assist developing country members to make the best use of being a member of ISO, the objectives of this Action Plan can only be achieved if members take full ownership in the implementation of the activities identified under each output. In particular, ISO members should make every effort to promote standardization in their countries in order to secure funds from stakeholders and relevant organizations to implement the activities of the Plan.

The ISO Action Plan for developing countries 2011-2015 will be administered by the Development and Training Services (DEVT) unit at the ISO Central Secretariat (ISO/CS).

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